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Richard Hayden - a devoted husband, father, and grandfather has lived in Mount Vernon with his wife, Denise, for nearly four decades.
A tireless volunteer, Hayden served as vice president of Bucknell Little League (known today as Alexandria-Potomac Little League) and scoutmaster for Troop 996 in Aldersgate Church. Today, he is serving a third term as director for the Columbus Club, which runs Northern Virginia’s largest bingo, generating more than $3 million for local and national charities.

Hayden is now the Fairfax GOP nominee for Mount Vernon District Supervisor. At, the candidate outlines his agenda for Mount Vernon’s renewal:

IMPROVE OUR SCHOOLS: “Adjust the school budget to reallocate funds that will emphasize learning the basics, improving standards, and stressing academic excellence.” 
REDUCE THE COST OF LIVING: “Lower taxes across the board (gas, bag, meals and property).” 
INCREASE PUBLIC SAFETY: “Modernize our police department with better training and equipment.” 


Richard Hayden
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