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WOKE? Parents are ‘waking up’ to the failure of US education: Winsome Sears

WOKE? Parents are ‘waking up’ to the failure of US education: Winsome Sears

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Improve Our Schools

Mount Vernon has the worst performing schools in the county, a sad reflection of the twenty-seven (27) point drop in SAT scores countywide. SAT scores have gone up in the rest of our commonwealth, but not in one of the wealthiest counties in the nation. This is unacceptable on many levels, but most of all because it hurts our kids. How do we turn this around?

1.  Elect responsible school board members who care about our children, first and foremost​

2.  Adjust the school budget to reallocate funds that will emphasize learning the basics, improving standards and stressing academic excellence

3.  Parents Matter! Education begins at home and mothers and fathers play a critical role in their child’s educational development

4.  Make schools safe for teachers and  students and increase transparency.


Third-grade failure to master (these are ADVANCED proficient percentages) reading and math foreshadows the minority student achievement gap in high school SAT scores.

Screen Shot 2023-11-02 at 2.04.16 AM.png

Here are the Gatehouse Administrators

Here are the Gatehouse administrators, although I think the Technical Specialists and Technicians are actually assigned to schools. Gatehouse feels no consequences for a 31-point drop in SAT scores or only 8% of 3rd grade Blacks and Latinos having mastered reading and math. Remember, 3rd grade reading and math failure is not the fault of the students or their families; it is the fault of the failure to teach phonics and failure to have math drill. It is the fault of the Gatehouse administrators, perhaps the 128 instructional specialists and the 120 coordinators.

Beware the Social Studies Curriculum!

 Part I

By Mark Spooner | September 3, 2023 

As a new academic year begins, Fairfax County citizens should be aware of what our children will be taught in the public schools.

Particular attention should be given to the social studies curriculum.  It is not a straightforward education about history and government.  It is agenda-driven, emphasizing a viewpoint supported by “progressives” and race-theory advocates.  READ MORE HERE

Beware the Social Studies Curriculum

Part 2

By Mark Spooner | September 10, 2023

Documents obtained under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act reveal a disturbing ideological bias in the social studies curricula of Fairfax County public high schools (FCPS).

The first article on this subject, which is HERE, discloses that after the current School Board took office in 2020, the curricula were extensively revised to view history and government through the lens of the students’ “identities” (race, ethnicity, gender, etc.) and to emphasize the concepts of power, privilege, position and bias in explaining historical events and civic institutions. 


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