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Here's how your real estate taxes have risen over the years...

Most of these tax increases are not spent to improve county services but to subsidize the soaring cost of school and county pensions, zero-deductible medical insurance, and raises.

Here are the published Fairfax Co Real Estate Tax Rates.


    Reducing the Cost of Living

Fairfax County has gradually, seemingly by design, become unaffordable for many residents. 

This has led to the lowest retention rate of senior citizens of all the surrounding jurisdictions. It also has made it difficult for young folks to stay in the county as they embark on their jobs and careers. Time to “Save Our Seniors!”


  • Lower taxes across the board (gas, bag, meals and property)

  • Trim spending in the budget and use existing surplus to offset tax rate

  • Attract new commercial business and take pressure off the residents. 


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